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Bharathanatyam as currently practiced is one of the major classical dance forms in existence. It is one of the most sophisticated dance traditions in the world. It is rapidly becoming popular and appreciated all over the world.

In historical times there is abundant evidence…

AboutSarayu Sai

Sarayu Sai was born and brought-up in a small town – Dindigul. At the age of 3, Sarayu Sai learnt Bharathanatyam (Thanjavur Pani) from Guru Rajendra Pillai. She couldn’t pursue the divine art of Bharathanatyam, since the guru had to come all the way from Thanjavur. But Sarayu…

AboutSrishti Gurucool

Srishti Gurucool is a school of Bharathanatyam started in 1998 by Sarayu Sai.

Sarayu Sai, a classical dancer has carved a niche for herself in the field of Bharathanatyam. Her passion for the art form of Bharathanatyam and the…

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