Biography ofSarayu Sai

Sarayu Sai was born and brought-up in a small town – Dindigul. At the age of 3, Sarayu Sai learnt Bharathanatyam (Thanjavur Pani) from Guru Rajendra Pillai. She couldn’t pursue the divine art of Bharathanatyam, since the guru had to come all the way from Thanjavur. But Sarayu…

Tale ofTele-Disciple

Sarayu Sai is a Bharathanatyam Dancer who in the initial years trained in Bharathanatyam by just watching dance performances on the video.

When Sarayu Sai started dancing she had a guru, but interestingly enough her Guru dint even know of her existence. As a…

List ofPerformances


Sarayu Sai gave her “Arangetram”, maiden performance on June 10th, 1996 under Smt Chitra Visweswaran, while doing her M.A. (English Lit) in Stella Maris College. Since then Sarayu Sai has given over 150+ solo performances and has been regularly performing during music and dance…

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